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 Pi Pa by Chen Yifei (s/n Print) has an approximate value of $650(Freight included).

Artist: Chen Yifei
Title: Pi Pa
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Edition: 535/888 Signed and Consecutively Numbered
Medium: limited edition print on paper
Published 1989


The Pi Pa, a tradition Chinese stringed instrument similar in sound to our guitar, was introduced to China almost 1,500 years ago. Examples of 7th Century Tang Dynasty figurines still exist showing court entertainers playing the pi pa for the emperor and his entourage.

In Pi Pa the player and her instrument glow softly out of the dark background, the figurine and the drapery alive with light and reflections. The expression on her face, its still beauty conveying a quiet spirituality, echoes the haunting melody of the pi pa.

Chen worked primarily in oil painting that portrayed his sense of romanticism and realism combined. His works frequently featured beautiful women in traditional Chinese attire working with musical instruments or other romanticized objects. The realism of Chen's works often evokes a photographic or cinematic feeling, inspired by the framing, lighting and positioning of the paintings.

SHANGHAI, April 13 - Chen Yifei, one of the China's most acclaimed and commercially successful painters and visual artists, died here on Sunday. He was 59 - Artist Chen Yifei died of gastrorrhagia in Shanghai's Huashan Hospital at the age of 59 on April 10, 2005 _____________________________________________________________________

Pi Pa by Chen Yifei (s/n Print)
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