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Artist: Robert Stephen Simon Dwight Gooden by Robert Stephen Simon - (Artist Proof Print)

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Artist: Robert Stephen Simon

He was a man who simply loved to paint, right until the very end. There are not many who feel they are at the peak of their game at the latest stage of their career, yet that is exactly what Robert Stephen Simon said on numerous occasions'.

Simon wasn’t an art student. He attended Ohio Wesleyan and received a degree in business. He didn’t want to go into the family box business and instead became a freelance artist. His career began in the 1970s when he started painting members of the N.Y. Yankees. Aside from his original art, sports collectors have seen his work on Sports Impressions collector plates, TCMA’s Super Star baseball card set and numerous other artistic renderings.

Simon counted many famous people among his friends, from George Steinbrenner and Mickey Mantle to Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. His home was filled with signed pieces and personal letters from these types of folks, and Simon treasured those relationships.

Simon, suffered a massive heart attack, passed away May 29.2014 He was 74.

Dwight Gooden by Robert Stephen Simon - (Artist Proof Print) (Freight Not Included).
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