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Gil, the artist is believed to have come to Hawaii in the 30′ or 40’s supposedly from the San Francisco area. A mystery, the artist has never been clearly identified, but his or her distinctive style of airbrush is similar to the style being sold in Hawaii during the pre and post War era. The imagery brings to mind the nostalgic “Olde Hawaii” feeling that permiated the art in Waikiki during that time. When Hollywood brought to the silver screen the South Pacific and From Here to Eternity……. an era of days gone by……… Our fine line of Porcelain images reflect the work of Gill and now for the first time are available to the public. Our initial offering has now grown to eight images that are approximately 10″ in height and the all new 4" miniature sets both sizes come in a beautiful gift box. Great for the collector of fine Hawaiian Figurines. _______________________________________________________________________________

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“Gill”  |  Porcelain  |  10 inch Hula Sculptures
“Gill”  |  Porcelain  |  4 inch "sets" | Hula Sculptures
“Gill” | Porcelain | 10 inch Hula Sculptures

“Gill” | Porcelain | 4 inch "sets" | Hula Sculptures

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