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• Artist: Chuck Ren
• Title: New Moon
• Image Size: 25" X 15.75" (approx.)
• Paper Size: 28" X 19.25" (approx.)
• Edition: 1194/2200
• Medium: limited edition print on paper
• Published 1988

Overall print size is approximately 28 by 19.25 inches.

"New Moon" is a Limited Edition Collector Print signed and numbered by the artist Chuck Ren..“New Moon” depicts an evening scene of a Native American Indian family in a charming snow-filled landscape making their way by horseback through a chilly winter night..Their travels coincide with the new moon.

Born in Ajo, Arizona, Chuck Ren is a realist painter of sporting and Western figures. He grew up in a small copper mining town, and spent most of his time indoors, drawing. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona.

After graduation he worked as a commercial artist in southern California for such companies as Lockheed Air Service and Computer Sciences. And while producing illustrations for slide shows, annual reports, and brochures at his "day job", his freelance work brought him into record album covers, billboards, and work for the National Football League. He not only created the official 1980 Super Bowl Poster, but he also ended up working for all 28 of the League's franchises.

Today Ren is known for his work depicting the American Indian. Most of his art is related to the American West. Ren says, "Because that is a way of life that is gone, and I want to preserve it in memory. If you look at a modern cattle round-up, you realize that the American cowboy's way of life hasn't essentially changed. I'm trying to learn everything I can about the Indians. Most paintings I've seen dealt with the Indian in a group or social setting. I've tried to focus on the individual."

Ren died in 1995 in Sedona, Arizona.

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New Moon by Chuck Ren (s/n Print)
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