Click to enlargeWhen the Lonesomes Set In - G Harvey (s/n Print)

Limited edition print, 'When the Lonesome Sets In', by G. Harvey (Gerald Harvey Jones, Texas, b. 1933),

#525 - 2250

14 X 22 Size with border: approx. 19 x 27 inches.

13.75"h, 21.5"w, overall: 23.25"h, 31"w,

When this print was stored inadvertently the very bottom left boarder edge was laying on a non-acid free paper and left a brownish discoloration. If you were looking to frame a G Harvey, perhaps a poster due to budgetary concerns then why not consider G. Harvey’s “When the Lonesomes Set In” Limited Edition Signed and Numbered print (with the understanding there is a minor blemish). Our misfortune is your opportunity to save.

(Freight included)

When the Lonesomes Set In - G Harvey (s/n Print)
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